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Elyne Mitchell's book Australia's Alps had alerted Australia in 1942 to the existence of long steep ski runs on the western faces of the Main Range. Elyne described runs from the summits of Mt. Townsend, Carruther's Peak, Mt. Anderson, Mt. Twynam and Twynam West Spur. Hueneke (1987) published Alan E.J. Andrew's comprehensive map of the runs (reproduced as Map No. 1). The closest accommodation to these runs is in The Charlotte Pass Resort and also Illawong Lodge on the Snowy River, both situated at least 4km to 5km from the start of the various primary runs shown on Map No. 1. Alan E.J. Andrews' book Skiing the Western Faces Kosciusko published by Tabletop Press in 1993, describes these runs in detail.

References: Hueneke (1987) Kiandra to Kosciusko. Tabletop Press.

Food in the Lake Albina Lodge in September 1953 included:-

12oz cans of Watsonia pressed corned beef

16oz cans of baked beans

3lb tins Arnott Sao biscuits

12oz containers of Allowrie butter concentrate

4 gallon tins of dried assorted vegetables, such as onions and peas

1.0lb glass jars of Allowrie honey

1.5lb containers of IXL marmalade and of IXL plum jam

12oz tins of Kraft cheese

1.0lb tins of dripping

18oz jars of IXL pickles

24oz packets of Parsons Rapid Oats

8oz packets of Cadbury's Red Label drinking chocolate

14lb packet of custard powder

14lb packet of rice

16oz cans Imperial camp pie

6oz jars of vegemite

4oz tins of Marshall's sardines

1.0lb tins of Edgell mixed vegetables and also tins of Edgell carrots

1.0lb tins Heinz spaghetti

1.0lb cans Imperial braised beef steak stew

1.0lb tins Bellbird stewed steak