Some lodges may have overriding conditions and rates if COVID-19 precautions are required

Online Bookings

  • Members are encouraged to use the online booking system when booking into Anton, Dinner Plain, Falls Creek and Perisher.
  • The online booking system allows AAC members to book into most other AAC lodges as well as their own. To book into an AAC lodge other than your own, log on to the desired lodge using your member number, surname and the name of your own lodge from the 'Login From' list.
  • If including other members in your booking at a lodge other than their home lodge, get them to quickly log in to that lodge first. This is necessary to ensure that they can be offered the correct rate.

For bookings to be confirmed

  • Current annual subscription must have been paid.
  • Payment in full must be made.


  • Different priority bookings are processed on the different dates. When lodging bookings that have different priorities, it is essential to make separate bookings and separate payments for the different priorities, otherwise your bookings will be processed at the date of the lowest priority you lodge.

Family and guests

  • Non-member spouse and children of a member must be accompanied by the member. Different conditions apply to Niseko.
  • The lodges are run for their members. Guests must be booked, and paid for, by their accompanying member.

Information to be supplied when making a booking

  • Booking is via the CBDWeb on-line system (except for Niseko). The Booking member should check their contact details are correct whilst booking. Names must be provided for guests at time of booking.

What to take

  • Most lodges provide linen in winter but require you to supply your own in summer. See individual lodge details

Changing bookings

  • Bookings are made available only to the people specifically named in the booking. Bookings are not transferable. If someone booked can't attend, a new booking must be made through the booking agent, who will give preference to those on the waiting list. Please don't arrive at the lodge with a 'transferred' booking - it won't be accepted.

Cancelling bookings

  • Please notify cancellations promptly.
  • Cancellations will create a credit in the booking system.
  • Applications for refunds must be made in writing to the relevant lodge's Booking Officer, by the end of the season. 

 Cancellation Refunds/Credits *

Notice of cancellation  Refund/Credit 
 More than 28 days  85%
 14 to 28 days  75%
 Less than 14 days  Nil

 * See Anton booking information and Niseko booking information for their different refund policies